Mission Statement

Hawkstone Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing quality orthopedic rehabilitation to community members and athletic enthusiasts.  It will establish a provision of specialized care in treating and education clients by working collaboratively with them during their rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation will not focus primarily on athletic injuries. Rather, provision of care will also focus on orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions/injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Occupational injuries, congenital and developmental conditions, degenerative conditions, orthopedic surgical repairs, fracture injuries, pelvic floor incontinence training. We strive to combine experience with expertise to provide quality care.

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Exercise of the month: Posture.

As kids head back to school and are sometimes sitting for longer periods of time it is important to give them some pointers on good posture. September also means returning to a regular work schedule for adults. Here are some general postural tips to keep your backs healthy and pain free.


This is an example of sitting with good posture:

Back and shoulders are upright and feet flat on the floor.

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